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Indicated only for those who practice physical exercises daily. This program, developed by Cliff Sheats, is the dream of many people. After all, the motto is to eat more to lose more. The diet is based on the idea that a low-calorie regime is not suitable for burning fat. It just slows the metabolism and thus you lose power and not burning calories, but muscle.

Foods allowed:
Make a balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat. Everything is permitted. In adequate quantities, of course.


Juice Emagrecedor PDF Print E-mail

Juice Emagrecedor
Display: the apple and carrot aid in digestion. The sugar helps the blood circulation. And algae contribute to inhibit hunger by stimulating satiety.
Ingredients: 1 bunch peq. of dried seaweed, 1 beet, 1 / 2 apple, 4 carrots
Preparation: Centrifuge all foods, but the algae, which should be hit with the juice in blender.

Foods that make you look thinner PDF Print E-mail

Beans contain a protein that inhibits the appetite naturally. It's hard to talk about rice and let the beans aside, the Brazilians have the fortune of this healthy habit is the consumption of rice and beans. Know that this is the perfect combination of nutritional values.

The consumption of pepper helps you lose weight. The pepper contains a substance decreases appetite.

Lettuce does not contain any substance that helps to lose weight, but is low in calories, and when consumed before meals helps you control greed as much space in the stomach.


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